Pandagy offers full spectrum of energy modeling services, energy audit , and HVAC design consultant. We thrive to make your life easier when you engage Pandagy in your design and LEED process. Our goal is to communicate efficiently with our customers so you know where your project stands with us. *New Service* Utility Rate Reduction for Any Commercial Building!!! 

Energy Modeling Services

Our company’s services assist variety of customers to achieve their targeted LEED points based on energy savings beyond baseline ASHRAE 90.1 and energy and financial goal via energy and HVAC solutions.

  • Energy Analysis for Systems Comparison

  • LEED Modeling for Energy Performance Credits

  • Energy Modeling for Code Compliance

  • Energy modeling for Pace Financing Program

  • Energy Modeling for Utility Incentive Application

Energy Audit & Life Cycle Cost

Our energy audit and life-cycle cost analysis yield our customers holistic picture of their building system’s energy impact. This helps our customers to maximize their investments.

  • Energy Audit – We survey the existing building, evaluate, and recommend energy conservation measures to our customers.

  • Life-cycle Cost Analysis – Provide the building and system’s lifetime cost impact including operational cost, installed cost, utility incentives, tax incentives, maintenance, and other associated costs.

HVAC Design Consultant

With our extensive HVAC experience in both equipment and design, we can guide our customer design team or building owners and developers toward effective energy efficient solutions.

  • Owner’s HVAC Representative – We can assist building owners with HVAC design concept prior to commit with the design.

  • HVAC Design Review – We can help review the HVAC design concept to maximize the energy efficiency aspect of the system.

Utility Incentive Applications

Many utility companies create the utility incentive programs to promote energy savings to lower overall energy consumption of the cities or states. These programs provide significant $$ investment in energy savings and building system upgrades. This includes lighting, envelope, and HVAC. Additionally, some program even pays the customers to do technical study on the project of interest. It is time to leverage the incentive to get to your project’s energy goal.

  • Incentive application – we can prepare, submit, and assist the customers in incentive application and approval process.

  • Coordination – To fulfill the requirement of incentive program, we can help coordinating with your design and construction teams to ensure the approval of incentive application.

PACE Financing Programs

Many local counties and jurisdictions now offer PACE financing programs. PACE is a financing program that focuses on funding your green and energy savings project. The building owners and/or customers yields the positive cash flow first year. The financing program leverages the energy cost savings from your building system upgrades including lighting, envelope, and HVAC. We can assist you with energy audits and payback analyses as required by PACE program.

  • PACE application – we can perform an energy audit and fill out the PACE energy worksheet for the application and approval process.

Utility Rate Reduction

We offer utility rate reduction service both electric and gas for any commercial building in any state. We will work with many energy suppliers to get you best utility rates at different terms for your choose.

  • We need your latest month utility bills both electric and gas.


We also partner with many commissioning and MEP firms to achieve our customers’ goals.  With our partners, we can provide full commissioning services and full Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering design, and energy engineering/modeling depending on what our customers need.



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